Independent Shorts Awards

Missing Persons

Overworked detective James Harris, chasing a brutally elusive serial killer, finds the past coming back to haunt him in the form of an old friend- a criminal colleague from a former life he’d rather forget. This unwanted houseguest offers an unusual parlay – new insight into a cold case for the relatively small price of an evening of self-reflection. What transpires sends both of them on a path through the murky corridors of the human psyche, where shining a light on the sinister shapes looming in dark corners yields images which sometimes cannot be unseen. Birthday dinner is definitely ruined.
Directed by Tyler Ward Stephenson (USA)


A story about what a man is capable of doing for the woman he loves and why it is important to be self.
Written by Krzysztof Dykas (Poland)


“Geometry” is a visual music animated piece. Inspired by Oskar Fischinger and John Whitney, “Geometry” combines graphic shapes with music to show a ball’s journey.
Directed by Simo Liu (USA)


A couple on a backpacking excursion stumble upon a red string and decide to follow it to see where it leads.
Directed by Karel Candi (Iceland)


Anna was sent to a Totally Closed Sanatorium where all the patients were miraculously healed to cure her voice after a conflagration. Unexpectedly, she had discovered a huge secret of the Sanatorium while waiting for the surgery. All the patients who got out of here were clones! However, when Anna was ready to kill her clone, she hesitated.
Directed by ChunChun Chen (China)

Flying Fishes (Parvaz Mahiha)

The new teacher in the village understood that one of his students, who is the only girl in the class, don’t talk and a cigarette burning is visible in her hand.
Directed by Mohammad Towrivarian (Iran)

Social Butterfly

This is my single called ‘Social Butterfly’ which is inspired by social media. The lyrics focus on how connected we are now and yet so disconnected as people now with technology (Anthony Barbarich).
Directed by Dane Parsons (Australia)

The Grimoire Chapters: Rem – Episode 5 (S3)

Do you want to hear a bedtime story? A man who consumes the flesh of his kin shall be cursed to roam the land as a bloodthirsty beast. He will be plagued by an ancient evil that will invade his mind and force him to commit unspeakable acts. He is coming. Sleep tight.
Directed by Michael Davis (USA)

Tree Game

Guilt in many forms has defined the trajectory of both Samantha and Chase’s lives. Their long estrangement is a testament to its power. Sam travels to visit Chase to finally reconcile, but he is resolute. But a shared memory of a game from their past becomes the reminder that cuts through.
Directed by Julie Slack (USA)