Independent Shorts Awards

Body and Mind

Technological advancements have reunited Devin and Anji after a tragic accident. Now they must adapt to their new living circumstance as their two minds are forced to share one body.
Directed by Enrique Suarez (USA)


Natural disasters result from a forceful event catching a community unprepared. Through this lens, no matter the force, disasters don’t happen to those who are prepared. If hurricanes and floods are foreseeable, and if we can learn from past events, why do some disasters continue to wreak havoc on the world? Forward is a mini-documentary looking at a new perspective on reducing community risks to nature’s forcings. After an event, governments and institutions jump on their own plans, yet in the ideation frequently leave out the voices of the survivors. Forward follows anthropologist, Fernando Briones, to Puerto Rico, one year following deadly hurricane Maria. He seeks testimony from the survivors – what happened, how did they improvise to persist, and what actions we should take to be better prepared for the next big event? The vision of the work is to broaden conversations around human resilience – it’s a precious state of humans engaging challenge with resources, belief and creativity.
Directed by Ryan Vachon (USA)


Ashlyn, a deaf ballerina, struggles to keep up with her ballet lesson. When her embarrassment from the other girls overwhelms her, she escapes to find a safe haven under a grand piano. Her teacher plays the instrument and Ashlyn feels its vibrations, discovering music and alleviating her isolation by finally dancing synchronized to the symphony.
Directed by Isabella Issa (USA)

A Remarkable Career

Meet Ellen. She’s famous. Really famous… An interview with a notorious woman takes unexpected twists and turns.
Directed by Paul William Dawkins (Australia)


Andrew “Dew” Schofield has spent his entire life taking care of others; his children, his granddaughter, and even his wife after she got sick. Now that his kids are grown and his wife has passed, Dew finds himself living alone in his familiar little suburb, with only his memories to keep him company. When his granddaughter comes to visit in-between apartments, they will both face the deep-rooted loneliness they’ve spent so long trying to bury.
Directed by Christian DiPillo (USA)

Dead Man Wait

Two men, aware of their death, they compete for access to the beyond. The first one it calls itself the guardian of the threshold and claim his right. The second one it is forced to beg a place as a” dead man” as well when he was alive. He was a wretch when was alive and it continues to be the same as a dead. Long last the first dead man can cross the threshold and the second one takes the place of the first one as a guardian. The entrance to the cemetery of a dead woman, victim of a femicide, restore the initial situation :it is so difficult even to die? 
Directed by Giorgio Molteni (Italy)


Four strong women, two bumbling goons and one pair of red sunglasses make for a night to remember.
Directed by Catherine Dyer (USA)

A Common Name

Min-Seo, living on welfare, asks Seo-Yeon to borrow her name, because of the deduction of cash assistance from welfare payment. Seo-Yeon, seeking a job after graduate school, let Min-Seo use her name on one condition to put together her portfolio. Min-Seo is getting anxious as the promised due date with Seo-Yeon come closer and closer.
Directed by Wonjae Song (South Korea)

The Boss

A naive office assistant must resist the demands of an oppressive boss.
Directed by D Hunter White (USA)