Independent Shorts Awards


A young woman must undergo a routine medical exam with a nosy and judgmental doctor.
Directed by Norman Mackinnon (USA)

One Day in GaoYi

On the GaoYi village street, a public announcement is posted to recruit actors for government cultural activities, and the villagers watch with great interest. The announcement does not disturb the rhythm of their daily life.
Directed by Jiaxuan Xiao and Muqiu Qin (China)

Far Away

Facing the reality of their failures, victim of their incapacity, Léa and David have to take a radical decision in the hope of saving their relationship.
Directed by Nicolas Van Ruychevelt (Belgium)

Hers Truly

“Hers Truly” traces the emotional journey of a loving stepmother, Lakshmi who has to part with her 5-year-old daughter, Aditi owing to a custody battle; but instead, she decides to fight against fate.
Directed by Lakshmi Sathish (United Arab Emirates)


Two artists in different stages of life and success deal with the effects of love, ego and loss in modern-day LA.
Directed by Joy Shi (USA)

The Remnant

As a young family moves into their first home, something from its past still remains.
Written by Kaitlyn Kowalski (USA)

The Seeker

A young girl struggles between helping her family, and doing the right thing.
Written by Kaitlyn Kowalski (USA)