Independent Shorts Awards

The Same Conversation

Relationships are difficult and there is always that one argument, that one conversation that couples have over and over again.
Directed by Marjorie DeHey (USA)


The short film “Seventy” happened In 1997, when the government planned to promulgate a new regulation about cremation prior to burial.
An old single man wants to hold a funeral for himself in advance.
Directed by Jiage Tong (USA)

Drowned World

On a planet submerged with water, three survivors must outwit and defy each other in a life-or-death struggle to the bitter end.
Directed by Brendon Fogel (USA)


A visual piece of a green man wandering around searching for meaning on a skateboard and discovering parts of himself along the way.
Directed by Jeffrey W Entwistle (USA)


After humanity’s excesses have depleted the water supply, one man journeys to the past to secure his future.
Directed by Jean-Luc Julien (Germany)


A man struggles to overcome his nervousness with women in a bar when he stumbles upon words of wisdom in the bathroom.
Directed by Jean-Luc Julien (Germany)

He Only Hunts at Night

A short psychological horror following the journey of Carrie, a young woman walking home alone after a night out at the Pup and Duckling. As she walks through the dimly lit streets, she gets the overwhelming sensation that she’s being followed. She looks around her and finds that there is nobody around. She continues her journey, the feeling getting stronger. She begins to panic and rushes home. She runs down her driveway, unlocks the porch door and hurries inside, locking it behind her. She opens the front door and stops. The feeling passes…..She’s safe now. She turns to look outside. There’s nothing there. Was she being followed? Or was it all in her head?
Directed by Jonathan Bedworth (UK)

No Accent

Lev is a Russian Metalist immigrant living on the margins of Israel. He only wants to make a few bucks and get wasted. An unexpected encounter with Romi – a beautiful Arab girl in need of a lift, will lead to Lev’s abduction.
Directed by Ilanit Shlosberg Moreno (Israel)

Monday Train

Alec and Abbie meet on a train platform on a Monday morning and exchange small talk. While on the train, Abbie tells Alec that everything will be alright. He says that she will be ok, and she says that she already is ok. They leave the train. Alec tells Abbie that they have other options and that he should have a say in the choice she made. They get into an argument but ultimately walk off, together.
Directed by Emily James (USA)