Bronze Awards: September 2018

Independent Shorts AwardsBest Drama Short: Cold City by Kelechi Jude (USA)

Best Indie Short: Triggered by Justin Head (South Africa)

Best Documentary Short: What We Do Here by Kieran Hanson and Howard Walmsley (UK)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Embalming Fluid by Jeff Huston (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Ascension by Justin Adams (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Once Were Heroes by Adrian Prospero (Australia)

Best Horror Short: It’s in the Trees by Ray Brady (UK)

Best Women Short: Meeraas (Inheritance) by Saurabh Thakur (India)

Best LGBT Short: Sisak by Faraz Arif Ansari (USA)

Best Children Short: TrickShop by Brenda Jallits (USA)

Best Microfilm: Headshot by Tiffany Liu (USA)

Best Music Video: Charlie Winston: The Weekend by Ian Roderick Gray (UK)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Rukky by Oboatarhe Ebiye Ikuku (Nigeria)

Best Parody Short: Soligram 2500 by Shari B. Ellis (USA)

Best Student Short: Romance From a Distance by Kyle Dubiel (USA)

Best Director (Female): Adriana Martins da Silva for Tongue (Portugal)

Best Director (Male): Israel Ekanem for Drown The Lovers (Canada)

Best First Time Director: Marco Zappala for Portrait of a Lamb (USA)

Best Student Director: Zak Ferguson for Dagger (UK)

Best Actress: Evanne Friedmann for Lara (USA)

Best Actor: Hanif Mike Karim for Two Brothers (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Leon Potter and Jennifer Elle Cannon for Team Teenettes (Canada)

Best Acting Ensemble: Madison Thompson, Callan Wilson and Jason MacDonald for Ditched (USA)

Best Cinematography: Nicolai Brix for The Boxer (Denmark)

Best Editing: Marcelle Abela for Red Glory (Malta)

Best Sound Design: Mr. Bouhaïk for Max (France)

Best Original Score: Mirko Sukovic for Red Glory (Malta)

Best Original Story: Amar Jyoti Jha for Rebirth (Punarjanam) (India)

Best Short Script: Breathe by Christian Pavlik (USA)