Bronze Awards: May 2018

Bronze Awards May 2018

Best Narrative Short: The Projectionist by Greg Pursino (USA)

Best Indie Short: Love Departure by DC Brandon (Canada)

Best Documentary Short: Megha: A Song of Silence by Neeru Khera and Ujjwal Pandey (India)

Best Animation Short: The Untold Story of Romeo & Juliet by John Tso (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Dum Dum Dumroo by Akash Goila (India)

Best Fantasy Short: Georgia O’Keefe and Me by Robert Belinoff (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Futureworld by Christopher Angus (Canada)

Best Comedy Short: Happenstance: Episode One by Brett Carmical (USA)

Best LGBT Short: Happenstance: Episode One by Brett Carmical (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Happenstance: Episode One by Brett Carmical (USA)

Best Experimental Film: Pan by Toby Bates (USA)

Best Student Short: Orpington Poulet by Max Zabell (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker: Less by Isabelle Levent (USA)

Best Music Video: Spanish Onion by Brian Neong San (Australia)

Best Male Director: Rocky Ramsey for Miscreant (USA)

Best First Time Director: T.J. Penton for Disclosure (USA)

Best Actor: Dave Shecter for Brace Face (USA)

Best Duo: Veronica Brucato and Giuseppe Brucato for The Different Being (Italy)

Best Cinematography: Michael Boston for The Guitar (USA)

Best Editing: Clodoaldo Lino for Lazarus’ Resurrection Won’t Do Any Good (Brazil)

Best Original Score: Paul Shrofel for Futureworld (Canada)

Best Song: Brendan Phelan and Vince Breheny for Bright Eyed In The Mornin’ (Ireland)

Best Trailer/Teaser: Beloved Beast by Jonathan Holbrook (USA)

Best Short Script: Crime Hunter by Christopher Beauchamp (USA)