Bronze Awards: August 2018

Independent Shorts Awards

Best Narrative Short: Poppies by Myles Yaksich (USA)

Best Drama Short: Béa by José Esteban Pavlovich Salido (Mexico)

Best Indie Short: Memory Box by Karl Shefelman (USA)

Best Documentary Short: My Country is Missing by Liza Korotka (Canada)

Best Comedy Short: A22 by Eva Amann (Austria)

Best Thriller Short: Do What Thou Wilt by Darren Brade (UK)

Best Horror Short: Afraid of the Dark by Ray Brady (UK)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Afraid of the Dark by Ray Brady (UK)

Best Animation Short: A Tale of a Sassy Little Girl by Francesca Nobili (USA)

Best Children Short: UkeLayla by Alina Alikhanyan, Xenia Benitez, Carol Eastwood, Tal Minks, Haleigh Mooney, Daniela Muiño, Adriana Reiley, Daniela Reiley, Emma Schmitz, Kelly Taylor, Tabitha Thomas, Kim Tong, Christine Yim and Tony Yon (USA)

Best Women Short: My Country is Missing by Liza Korotka (Canada)

Best LGBT Short: Magic H8 Ball by Dan Hass (USA)

Best Music Video: Final Letter by Orwa Alahmad (France)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Pillow Talk by Micah Smith (Israel)

Best Experimental Short: A Long Story Short by Andrei Olănescu (Romania)

Best Microfilm: Nakusha: The Unwanted One by Pranay Meshram (India)

Best Student Short: Story of Aishan by Hong Jia Bao (China)

Best Director (Female): Emily Haigh for Beautified (UK)

Best Director (Male): Moon Chandra for Where She Goes (USA)

Best First Time Director: Kianna Bliven for Mort. (USA)

Best Student Director: Marissa A. Martinez for Sunflower Soup (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker: Landon Coats for Last Day (USA)

Best Actress: Roseanne Supernault for Enola (Canada)

Best Actor: Luis Aldana for Broken Sunflower Hearts (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Katie Ellis for Don’t Mess with Lucy (UK)

Best Acting Duo: Elya Yerushalmy and Ezra Ani for Pillow Talk (Israel)

Best Acting Ensemble: Kelsey Caesar and Eva Hauge for I’m Here (USA)

Best Cinematography: Lee Crynma Jang for Christina (USA)

Best Editing: Clark Vandergrift for Warpath: The Road to States (USA)

Best Sound Design: Daniela Pinto for Ronan (Canada)

Best Original Score: Neil Reed for Beautified (UK)

Best Original Story: Isabela Coppel for Béa (Mexico)

Best Short Script: For The Love Of Fear by Luke Hanlon (Ireland)