Bronze Awards: April 2018

Bronze AwardsBest Narrative Short: Dana’s Story by Huey Rawls (USA)

Best Indie Short: Morgan by Alexander Basile and Mia Basile (Germany)

Best Documentary Short: The Stolen River by Krisztina Danka (USA)

Best Animation Short: Just Keep Going by Kelsey Ward (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Good Mourning by Ian Morgan (South Africa)

Best Crime Short: The Journey by Jegen John Peter (Malaysia)

Best Horror Short: The Eve by Luca Machnich (Italy)

Best Sci-Fi Short: The Villagers by Joseph Vasey (Australia)

Best Music Video: God Came ‘Round by Derek Frey (UK)

Best Microfilm: Stage Fright by Jamie Gyngell (UK)

Best Student Short: Roulette by Christopher Greening (USA)

Best Mobile Short: Rearview by Ren Thackham (Australia)

Best LGBT Short: Hold Hands Or Hide by Simon Wegrzyn (UK)

Best Women Short: Mother (Om) by Mother (Om) (Kuwait)

Best Drone Short: Semper Paratus by John Gussman (USA)

Best Male Director: Mrigank Dubey for You and Me (India)

Best First Time Director: Brinke Stevens for Personal Demons (USA)

Best Actor: Pawan Shankar for You and Me (India)

Best Actress: Priyamvadda Sawant for You and Me (India)

Best Duo: Travis Lee Eller and Jim Kelly for Only God Forgives (USA)

Best Cinematography: Derek Frey for Kill The Engine (USA)

Best Editing: Steven Escobar for Personal Demons (USA)

Best Original Score: The Grimoire Chapters: Rem by Brandon Boone (USA)

Best Sound Design: The Eve (Italy)

Best Visual FX: The Uncanny Theory by Luiz Fernando Rohenkohl (Brazil)

Best Original Story: Nasty Water! by Mike Fuhrmann and Raphael Höver (Switzerland)

Best Short Script: Frames by Neil O’Neil (UK)

Best Trailer/Teaser: Impuratus by Michael Yurinko (USA)