Block 10. Comedies (Sep 18th, 11.25am – 1.10pm)

All Because Of The Damned Blonde’s Son 

Jairo had his romantic afternoon well planned until the Damned Blonde’s Son appeared in the neighborhood.

Directed by Danilo Vargas Martinez and Cristian Roberto Hernández Figueroa (Dominican Republic)

North America premiere

Wait for the Dog

In this surreal, dark comedy, a misguided loner named Quincy is forced to abandon the comforts of his daily routine and re-examine his life after his elderly upstairs neighbor spontaneously combusts.

Directed by Ian Rowe and Dillon Petrillo (USA)

They Prefer Richards

Left miserable after a heart-wrenching breakup, Guy, is forced out of his comfort zone by his twin brother Dre and dragged to a big party where he meets a girl that changes everything.

Directed by Felipe Castilla (USA)

California premiere

Rock Hard with the Clown

Realizing his comedy career is going nowhere, a cough syrup addicted clown quits drinking and starts a band in order to get the attention of his estranged wife.

Directed by Tyler Kirby (USA)