An estranged family tries to reconnect amid the wreckage of post-Maria Puerto Rico. Starring Mela Murder as Milagros and Kareem Savingnon as Manuel.
Directed by Kristian Mercado (USA)

White Pickett Fence

Miriam Pickett, successful businesswoman, mother of two, wife of beloved Teddy Pickett, a woman of faith, and friend to all. Miriam believes there’s a solution to every problem and wakes up every day with a smile on her face.
Directed by Jacqueline King-Howell (USA)


A nervous man goes through his daily routine and runs into odd characters along the way.
Directed by Ryan Kight (USA)

The Door

A man’s past takes over his mind when he steps into an unexpected encounter.
Directed by Lola Rùi (USA)


“Blossom” is a short suburban gothic film about jealousy, childhood crushes, impulse and growing up queer. It focuses on the ‘hot babysitter’ stereotype but from a young girl’s perspective, Savannah Green.
Directed by Larissa Keer (USA)

Our Way to Fall

A young girl on the playground is unsatisfied with her life until she encounters a girl who changes her perspective.
Directed by Zoey Peck (USA)

The Witch

A witch, through spells and treats, attracts two children who find themselves abandoned in a forest, her motives will be revealed in the end.
Directed by Claudia Dapiran (Ireland)


Tamina reunites with Ridley, only to reject his fanatical pursuit of extraterrestrial life. Yet he seems changed from when she knew him previously. When strange things begin to happen at their remote base camp, Tamina must choose whether or not to take a leap of faith and experience the unimaginable for herself.
Directed by Timothy Puder (USA)


Cody loves his wife and does all that he is supposed to do but his wife has a dark side that no one can ever imagine.
Directed by Tina B (USA)

The Unthinkable

Matthew tries to convince his father-in-law to get dressed to attend his wife Samantha’s funeral. However, Atticus suffers from Alzheimer’s and Matthew must retell Atticus about his daughter’s death.
Directed by Mari Jeaneth Olan (Philippines)