Independent Shorts Awards

The Boys Room

Suraj is a city boy who comes back to visit his best friend, Sachin, to the village. But he is faced with a problem: going to the toilet out in the open.
Directed by Pearlina Malik (India)

A Bias Tape

The world inside a music box reveals the twisted narrative that replays generation after generation. Barbie and a ventriloquist puppet find themselves trapped within their socially constructed identities and narratives with little hope of escape.
Directed by Lynnette Taylor (USA)

This Just In!

A mockumentary web series about a local morning show team that truly leaves “breaking news”… well, broken!
Directed by Evan Michael Pinsonnault, Zak Johnson and Ken Gayton (USA)


The man has obviously taken a pick-up artist class, wearing silly hats and making negs. Does he have a shot with the woman across the bar? She doesn’t think so.
Directed by Charlie Brown (USA)


A revenge driven woman tracks down and murders someone she believes to be a serial killer. Then all hell breaks loose.
Directed by Trent Newton (Canada)


Nevzat tries to get some weed from the dodgy neighborhood of Istanbul and faces the reality of ‘survival of the fittest.’ But is he ‘fit’ enough to keep up?
Directed by Firat Demir (Turkey)


In the vein of “Black Mirror” and “The Twilight Zone”, this short film pulled from a collection of anthology stories tackles a heartbroken woman who orders a lifelike android so she can have one last moment with the man she loves. Will she finally find the closure she has been looking for or will a major malfunction change her life forever?
Directed by Chris Vanderhorst (USA)


Two girls make decisions that change the lives of their audience forever.
Directed by Israel Ekanem (Canada)