Independent Shorts Awards

Te Makutu, The Curse

Two star-crossed lovers in colonial New Zealand incur the wrath of a deadly spirit that follows them into the present where they must decide between lives apart or love and death.
Directed by Jonathan Zsofi (New Zealand)

Red Shirt

A woman goes on a blind date and runs into an old high school friend in the bathroom; chaos ensues!
Written by Mary C. Ferrara (USA)

Pages 321 Part 1

A writer’s subconscious-insight into a character’s inception, his life, and his storied end. Showcasing a writer’s approach to a story or character being bland on the exterior but artistic in it’s purest form.
Directed by Anugat Raj (India)

You’ve Got Text

ll Richard asks in life is a quiet peaceful dinnertime with his teenaged daughter, Claire, and his new young wife, Marie. When the family dinner is interrupted by texts for Marie, she’s explains them away as worktexts. In fact, the texts are coming from Elliot, Marie’s lover. Claire has her suspicions about Marie and ends up confronting her in the most lethal of ways.
Directed by Matthew Moore (USA)

DNA of Wild Beasts

Along with her team, the “36′, Lea, commander of operations, faces the true face of the news, filled with blood crimes.
Directed by Delphine Montaigne (France)

Nothing But

Joseph, father, and Peter, future son in law, are trying to find the girl wearing underwear around on the street till the point of suffering a car crash. Meanwhile, Helen, the second daughter, is dating a garbage man who prioritizes garbage over her boobs and tries to clean everywhere he goes even when he is kissing Helen and criticizes her for throwing garbage as well. Noah, the first daughter, is seriously obsessed with people copying her fashion and makes sure her original shirt is not seen in anybody else but her.
Directed by Katrina Lena (USA)

You Feel Me?

A disability attorney begins turning into her clients after a witch puts a hex on her.
Directed by Laura P. Valtorta (USA)

Her Path

Studio Samuel students created a short film which tells the story of challenges faced along #HerPath when born into poverty.
Directed by Ahmad Asaad and Tamara Horton (USA)

Angels, They Say

This three-minute, stop-motion animation, uses handmade drawings and cut paper to create an enigmatic world, inhabited by the familiar and the extraordinary. Interweaving voices recite excerpts from Rainer Maria Rilke’s “First Duino Elegy”, a wistful accompaniment to a lyrical meditation on mortality.
Directed by Miriam Hitchcock (USA)