Whispers in the Subterranean

Whispers in the Subterranean

Whispers in the Subterranean》is an experimental film that combines AI-generated imagery of firelight on cave walls with real-life footage. It explores the state of our existence in the current age, where we are endlessly swept up by fragmented information, and slowly yet calmly accepting this “bed of information.”

Through a video composed of AI-generated image sequences, its infinite expansion represents a visual interpretation of the uncertain variables within its system, constantly stacking on one another. The control over random seeds and the relationship variables between preceding and succeeding sequences is like entering a new parallel universe with every choice. The process can be seen as constructing stable logical clues within ordered chaos.
Even so, through constantly iterating frames, the ending will eventually head towards a predetermined ‘future’ (a determined key frame). This state is akin to Plato’s allegory of the cave, where prisoners in the cave regard the ‘shadow’ as the world, and the ever-changing firelight behind them casts different forms and possibilities onto the wall’s shadows.

Ultimately, the shadow projected onto the wall is still controlled by the projector behind the wall. In today’s age of rapid technological iteration, we have adapted to ‘information cocoons’ and patterned ‘thinking paths’. The firelight reflected on the wall has long become a ‘scenic illusion’ that comforts us in our paradise, and the occasional sounds from outside the ‘cave’ are regarded by us as the ‘delusional whispers’ of our minds.”


In the film “Whisper in the Subterranean,” an anonymous wanderer in the city stumbles upon dreamlike imagery. Drawn into this captivating visual world, he finds himself engulfed in a cave made of images. After years of evolving media and technological shifts, he not only deeply experiences the state of being in a bed of information and ordered chaos but also becomes intrinsically tied to the film’s AI-generated sequences and predetermined ‘future.’ Throughout this process, he gradually loses his sense of self and begins to transform…

Directed by Kelvin Zhu (China)

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