Independent Shorts Awards


In the snow-covered ruins of 24th century Toronto, AEGIS, a humanoid war machine, leads a team of five robot-bound digital-humans into the real world (aka the “E-X-T”) to retake an enemy-occupied server installation vital to the survival of their digital homeworld.

During an attempt to ambush a large pack of enemy controlled war-drones, AEGIS recalls an interrogation with the enemy’s founder, an extremist named KYM MINAMOTO…AEGIS’s mother.

As AEGIS fights for her life in the real world, she recalls the emotional fight for her identity in the INT (the digital world), as she and her mother argue over the true nature of humanity and inclusion of digital-persons within it.
Directed by Adrian Bobb (Canada)

Ishtar Speaks

When a woman meets the ancient Babylonian goddess, Ishtar, in her dream, she embarks upon a journey to complete a lethal mission.
Directed by Dena Ryane (USA)

Raspberry and Coke

When old family tensions suddenly resurface, a quietly resilient teenage girl is forced to weigh her own wellbeing against the reconciliation of her loved ones.
Directed by Francesca Sewell (New Zealand)

Foreign Nationals

After playing a part in his own neighbor’s tragic fate, an ICE officer with a guilty conscience must choose between the Homeland Security badge and the foreign nationals he’s in a unique position to help.
Directed by Louis J. Guerra (USA)

Guilty Bunch of Flowers

When lovers, husband, sister, wife and mother all share their guilt through the same bunch of flowers, anarchic chaos ensues.
Directed by Wayne Kelly and Matt Holt (UK)

The Lost Sole

“The Lost Sole” is a 7-minute, 2D animated adventure comedy based on the story of the same name from Dorset-based author Clive M. Jenns.

“The Lost Sole” follows the enchanting tale of a characterful shoe, Deano, separated from its partner Torvey on the beach and swept away to sea by the tide. How will Deano survive his journey across the sea? Who and what will he encounter along the way? And how will Torvey cope without her ‘sole-mate’ by her side?
Directed by Sunny Clarke (UK)


David Larino hasn’t had a successful acting job since his hit sit-com “Average Alien” 20 years ago. What lengths will he go to get himself back into the industry and be a star again?
Directed by Thomas Baldinger and Lenny Venito (USA)