Independent Shorts Awards

Lost Things

One son is dead. The other is disabled. And her husband is doing time. But Nancy DiMartino finds a golden opportunity that will change her life forever. The problem is, taking it means cutting the cord with everyone. In this family drama of manipulation and greed, second chances come with strings attached. Each player is pulling hard to get what they want. But blind faith and self-delusion might lead them down a path of losing everything.
Directed by Ariano Trevino Angelone (USA)

The Blue of Salt

“The Blue of Salt” is the journey of a young woman bruised by mourning who tries to find peace in her memory.
The train on which we embark with her is a night crossing until dawn, between dream and reality.
She finds there the desire to live and be present in the world.
Directed by Alice Bohl (France)


A hideous creature roams the trashed apartment of a beautiful dead woman, and after experiencing her past memories, realizes that true beauty lies within.
Directed by Joshua Steele (USA)


“Joyride” explores the optimism of facing fear to triumphantly become the person you’re meant to be in life. The video is a testament to that belief exploring how a surfer boldly attempts to conquer the ocean while a little girl fights to overcome her fear of it.
Directed by Ben Fraternale (USA)

Oh My God!

Web series – An atheist farm girl arrives at the big city of “Vancouver” after being exiled from her cult community in Kamloops but in order to survive, she’ll work as personal assistant for a former god of chaos now the god of order.
Directed by Ezgi Gundogdu and Farsina Kabir Prithwi (Canada)

A Band Widow’s Lament

An indie short story set to the music of WhiteWater Ramble spanning the tumultuous relationship of a touring musician and his wife who remains at home while he tours. It touches upon domestic and gun violence issues in our society today.
Directed by Patrick Sites, Tomas Herrera and Doug Usher (USA)

Echoes in Silence

Five women meet a mysterious woman that transports them into a new worlds forcing them to find their truths and sisterhood.
Directed by Viktoria-Isabella King (USA)

The Last Day of The Year

Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve is not only the most important festival to celebrate Chinese New Year, but also a reunion day for every Chinese family. We asked people filmed their lives on New Year’s Eve, and collected almost hundreds videos from Chinese people in all around the world. Many of them can not come back home because of different reasons. We were deeply touched by their lives and made this emotional film.
Directed by Jingqi Hu (China)

Feed My Eyes

A stained couple trying to enjoy a movie are pushed beyond the limits of rational understanding- descending arm in arm with Eros and Thanatos- unto a great tear in the framework of reality itself.
Directed by Eric Newcombe (USA)