Independent Shorts Awards

History Abode

A historical documentary on the life and times of Major General Benjamin Lincoln. His life growing up and raising his family in Hingham, MA.
Elizabeth Dings, a Hingham Historical Commissioner and Alec Macmillan, the town Historian explore Major General Benjamin Lincoln’s property in Hingham, focusing on key historic artwork and other treasures. They meet with town locals who are both descendants and/or subject matter experts on different aspects of the town’s history.
Directed by Chris Dolan (USA)

Samuel’s Got A Sweet Tooth

A strict disciplinarian lush finds herself at her wit’s end while contending with her young boy’s persistent penchant for late night bowls of ice cream. “Samuel’s Got a Sweet Tooth” is a compact, first-person narrative of woes and regrets, as bittersweet as they are haunting.
Directed by Angel Rosa (USA)