Independent Shorts Awards

One For Each

Marlon West is an Effects Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He did a push-up for every person killed in gun violence in 2018. Each morning he checked the total of gun deaths on Gun Violence Archive. He subtracted the prior day’s total and came up with a number of push-ups to do that day.

Each set of push-up was posted on social media in a modest attempt to raise awareness of and in small tribute to lives lost.

The videos were done in Los Angeles, CA – St. Louis, MO, – Chicago, Il – Shanghai, China – Guwahati, India. 

The following is a second or so of each set. They were done from January 2, 2018 to January 1, 2019. 365 days.

14,533 total gun deaths. 
Directed by Marlon West (USA)

Crazy Cat Lady

Andy can’t afford to rent an apartment so he settles for a place that is affordable but when his wife comes to visit him she finds the place is much more creepy than they both thought!
Directed by Stephen Kessen (USA)

Anything For The Ones We Love

The indigenous and the white man united by the same fight. 
A poetic fresco on the state of the planet that depicts the First Nations man fleeing the ecological and humanitarian disaster since the conquest of the Americas. 
Anything for the Ones We Love is a musical film with indigenous pianist Salvador Chavajay as the messenger.
Directed by Louise Marie Beauchamp (Canada)

Again the Zone

When a retired Stalker is faced with few options to save his dying wife, he is willing to escort his old friend Stocks and a group of explorers back into a mysterious area now called the Zone even if it means risking life and limb.
Directed by Glenn Lawrence McDonald (USA)

A Life So Precious

Heartbroken and grief-stricken, a widowed father, who lost his only son, finds a scapegoat in the emergency dispatcher whom he had a brief interaction with. When he sees an opportunity to remind her how fragile life is, his intended threat becomes a reality. 
Written by Debby Huvaere (USA)


The man has been experiencing a weird phenomenon recently. He falls asleep without noticing when the sun dips below the horizon. Meanwhile, the woman is in the similar, but totally opposite situation. She is only conscious during nights. When the sun rises, she faints.

Still, there is something that makes their peculiar routine more mysterious. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. They hear someone knocking the wall everyday. Trying to find out the source of this sound, the man and the woman finally realize the way to return to normal days…
Directed by SeoHyeon An (South Korea)