Adrian Vieni
Adrian Vieni

“Prōˌses” takes a deep dive into the mind of the artist. It is a glimpse into the creative process and the inner dialogue that takes place as part of it. It is self-doubt. It is anxiety. It is introspection, frustration, fear, and self-reflection. It is the realization that we all face these things throughout the process of creation, and that they are not to be feared, but instead embraced.

“Prōˌses” is a visually stunning trip that weaves between real life and our secret inner dialogues that nobody sees, but we all feel. Written alongside the artist, the film exposes her unfiltered thoughts, emotions, anxieties and fears, and how these feelings play a part in the creation of her art. A nod to mental health issues like anxiety and depression, this film highlights the importance of not letting these things go ignored. What we hope to do is keep forwarding the conversation, and show that these issues are universal things that so many of us go through, whether we talk about it or not.

Directed by Adrian Vieni (Canada)

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