Independent Shorts Awards

Gym Life

Terry, an over-animated gym owner struggling to keep his business open, hires Helen in preparation for the New Year crowd but everyday problems and the opinionated co-worker, Josh, causes some dysfunction.
Directed by Royce Adkins (USA)

Butter Cup

Reese, a timid high school graduate, gathers the courage to confess his feelings for his best friend’s intimidating sister Mandy, but, Miles, his best friend, gets in the way.
Directed by Rathin Rao (USA)


“Acceptables” is a short film that deals with race, religion and immigration issues in a rapidly changing political climate.
Directed by Michele Lyman (USA)

The Pines of Spring

The dreamscapes of a director and her protagonist juxtapose as the life and fate of both women take their toll, merging on and off screen through waves of cinema.
Directed by Ann Huang (USA)