Independent Shorts Awards

Selma After The Rain

Selma is a trans woman who built her life away from the family. One day she gets a call to go to her elderly mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and needs treatment. In this encounter, lost in confused memories, the two women remember forgotten pains and desires and revisit lost guilt and affection.
Directed by Loli Menezes (Brazil)


Inside the erotic skepticism and artistic ecstasy, a young man finds inspiration in his muse. A girl whose form overwhelms the boy’s daily routine in a variety of ways. The reproduction of her presence becomes uncontrollable by the obsession of the young man, who leads to a series of fatal “passions”.
Directed by Fivos Imellos (Greece)

Ashes Two Dust

“Ashes Two Dust” is a photo-to-video exploration of impending loss and the growth that one can find in the mindful examination of this ubiquitous experience. This project helped honor Maura Freeman’s experience of loss and grief as her parents aged along with the loss of her sister-in-law and one of her long-time mentors who both died shortly after this project was completed.
Directed by Maura Freeman (USA)

One Last Spin

An engaged couple struggling with the financial pressures of the upcoming celebration, receive an unsolicited package. The package contains a peculiar item that has the potential to change their lives significantly.
Directed by Ali Matlock (USA)

Roadside Assistance

A vacationing couple attempts to rekindle the affections of their relationship. Their plans are cut short when they encounter car troubles, and while trapped in an unfamiliar environment, secrets from the past are revealed.
Directed by Ali Matlock (USA)

Papa’s Little Girl

A loving father brings his little girl a “new” brother for her to play with. But while he is away, playtime gets a little out of control.
Directed by Dixie Stamey and Bobby Pimentel (USA)


“Tino” tells the story of a lifelong cattleman whose dedication to ranching surpasses the modern-day forces challenging his way of life. As Northern California experiences severe drought, expanding vineyards, and the declining price of beef, Tino adapts to changing conditions and continues to nurture the cattle, ranch, and woman he loves.
Directed by Robin Hauser (USA)

Hometown, Somewhere Like Me

August 2017, I embarked on an unexpected journey. I decided to spend time in “Mokpo”, a harbor city in Korea. It was neither my hometown nor that of my acquaintance. Rather, it was my first visit there. I found that the city looked like me somehow. This is a letter to my old friend or to my ex or to you.
Directed by HyunJoo Lee (South Korea)


“Bala” takes us into a journey of two siblings Chaitanya (13) and Iti (8) who are willing to go to any extent to save their goat Bala who they love very much. Bala is just not an animal but a companion, a family member to them. Due to a severe drought, everybody in his village is migrating to the cities. To live and survive in the city, one needs money and they have exhausted all their savings. Chaitanya’s greedy elder brother makes a very ruthless decision in order to protect his family. To protect or to survive? In order to protect, Chaitanya has to go against his brother and in order to survive, he has to let go of his companion Bala.
This film is about survival. It is about living one more day. It talks about a society where circumstances are such that you cannot justify one’s actions.
Directed by Jesal Shah (India)

Are You My Mommy

While filming his latest blockbuster, Hero, a famous action star, is badly wounded. To the rescue comes Heroine, but Hero is confused by this utterly average, late-40s woman. As she does everything in her power to save him, Hero struggles to relate to this… person. With the Bad Guys still in pursuit, Heroine tries to shut down his running commentary on her age and weight, to no avail. As her patience runs out, their attackers close in, revealing that Heroine – and the movie – aren’t quite what they seem to be.
Directed by Gavin Michael Booth (USA)