Independent Shorts Awards

The Idiot

Chronicling a day in the cranky life of a film rental shop proprietor, “The Idiot” captures the struggle between cinephiliac Johnny and his frustrated co-proprietor, Rosie, at odds with his film-dominated view of the world, the crime-havocked recession plaguing his lifeless street, and his customers who alone can save his business from ruin but who are all only ever a film request away from stirring his wrath.
Directed by Arturo M. Merelo and Simon Shaw (UK)

Parallel City

A famous novelist is traumatized by the deaths of her husband and daughter. Unable to come to terms with the tragedy, she escapes into a parallel London. The film records her journey into grief and despair. Is love worth the agony of loss?
Directed by Jessica Hughes (UK)

The Box

Two sisters inseparable, locked in a decadent house, vie for a small wealth kept for decades.
Directed by Renata Jesion (Brazil)

The Fridge: An Ugly WebSeries

Two Italian guys living in London discuss their low-budget life, embarrassing events, sentimental interests, and today’s social problems, during the most important moment of the day: when we open the fridge in order to choose what to eat.
Directed by Matteo Valentini (Italy)

Echoes of War

This is the story of a soldier after being part of the first World War in where he experiences some traumas.
Directed by Pablo Adame (Mexico)

Hazardous Materials

“Hazardous Materials” is about anxiety, loneliness and friendship. Nora has trouble talking to anyone and is scraping by day to day avoiding contact with people, while Rachel, a well-meaning co-worker, wants to bring her out of her shell. When Rachel invites Nora to a house party – how will Nora react?
Directed by Brian O’Brien (Ireland)

The Vampyr Resistance Corps

Midnight Sun: Extraction is a 6 part web series about the journey of three Resistance army soldiers, who have never worked together before, leaving the comfort of their base to go into vampire infested territory to save a high ranking army official.
Directed by Terence Johnson (USA)

Missing Persons

Overworked detective James Harris, chasing a brutally elusive serial killer, finds the past coming back to haunt him in the form of an old friend- a criminal colleague from a former life he’d rather forget. This unwanted houseguest offers an unusual parlay – new insight into a cold case for the relatively small price of an evening of self-reflection. What transpires sends both of them on a path through the murky corridors of the human psyche, where shining a light on the sinister shapes looming in dark corners yields images which sometimes cannot be unseen. Birthday dinner is definitely ruined.
Directed by Tyler Ward Stephenson (USA)