Independent Shorts Awards


Self-proclaimed filmmaking genius Timo thinks the film he shot on VHS ten years ago is going to be the next Oscar contender. Peter, his live-in producer, is more or less continually stoned – and those two losers just invited their former cast and crew for a team screening. Pamela the lead actress, who never made it into the final cut, shows up, hoping that this can salvage her career. Andrew, the sound guy who’s also Pamela’s on-and-off lover, decides to drop in to see, if he may have been wrong about Timo – he wasn’t. And then there’s a number of other people who only showed up for the “screening” because they really have nothing better to do and nothing left to lose. When the child star of Timo’s epic rushes in armed and ready to pounce, things start deteriorating at phenomenal speed.
Directed by Cedar D. Wolf (Germany)

Tell Him

Why can’t Maxime visit his mother at the hospital? Why can’t his father tell him?
Directed by Virginia Bach (France)

No Papers

A day in the life of a struggling white contractor as he navigates the world of undocumented workers in Los Angeles.
Directed by Joseph Warren (USA)

And They Lived…

The glass slipper is broken. The castle is just a sand castle. Love poems are now text messages. Prince is just a singer that passed away, and the rose is slowly dying. Welcome to 2018. 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce. The number is similarly high in many other developed nations. Once upon a time, there was love. We all found ourselves creating our imaginary fairy tales. A white and noble horse, harnessed to a magnificent carriage, and a brave and masculine Prince Charming who fights for his gorgeous, flawless princess, promising her the perfect life full of everlasting happiness. Since no one teaches us “life” “love” or “relationships” we grow up, keeping the perfect “Disney- love” model in our minds, and as a result experience broken expectations and broken hearts. The search for a prince or a princess takes too long – the clock is ticking, mom wants grandchildren, and we grow tired of waiting for this slow white horse. So we marry someone fast and hope for a happy ending. But most of the time, it’s just an ending. Life’s problems occur and instead of dealing with them and fighting these “life dragons” together, we choose to give up and start questioning these relationships that we used to call love. What people don’t understand is that even in fairy tales, the happy ending takes place on the last page.
Directed by Javier Espinoza (USA)

Others or ‘Rust en Orde’

In the early 1990s, Kusbirin and his team completed a documentary film narrating their investigation towards the tradition of Rampogan Siluman Macan that had been celebrated since the colonial era in Tanah Runcuk. Without any clear reason, the authority ruling at that time stated that the film did not pass censorship. Only a while after, the original camera negative (OCN) of the film was said to be missing. As the regime changed, the Centre for Tanah Runcuk Studies team attempted to remake the film which had never met the public. CTRS also created a reinterpretation departing from the tape-recorded interviews with a number of informants whose names were kept confidential.
Directed by Timoteus Anggawan Kusno (Indonesia)

The Killer Postman

For revenge, a deranged mail carrier uses a screwdriver as the murder weapon to inflict punishment on specific customers. Not only are the police baffled by these brutal murders, but they also must stop a psychotic transvestite who poisons her/his victims for personal reasons. This is a chilling murder mystery with a showdown between these two serial killers in the end.
Directed by Micah Ellars (USA)

Greater Fool

This dark comedic piece wrestles with the idea of love and gender-roles. Are men really only after one thing and do women really still believe in love? Who is corrupting whom at this point? Story: Tommy is a romantic at heart but his love life just doesn’t seem to take off. So he finally visits Stella, a once-renowned beautiful and empowering “love-doctor”, only to find a now alcoholic, disheveled and cynical woman, who is trying to convince him that love does not exist. The question remains just who is the Greater Fool in this brief but thought-provoking encounter?
Directed by Julia Strassmann (UK)

Color Me Done

A woman dates an artist with the ability to change things with a simple swipe of his brush; little does she realize he wants to change her too.
Directed by Dominic Garcia (USA)

#Metoo Gumshoe

What happens when film noir gets woke?
(The Big Sleep meets Airplane! meets… the twenty-first century).
Directed by Ilyse Mimoun (USA)


When Alice follows the Hatter to his Wonderland she soon comes to realize that all may not be as it seems.
Directed by Gemma Paul (UK)