Independent Shorts Awards

United Hopes

In my documentary, I have addressed the Syrian refugees’ concerns over exercising their basic human rights and freedom of expression and how the United States immigration policy regarding the Syrian refugees’ humanitarian crisis is being shaped by the concerns over the impact of refugees on the USA’s national security. A documentary that brings awareness to this humanitarian crisis and highlights the important role of communication in promoting human rights protection while addressing concerns of our national security.
Directed by Arwa Sawan (USA)

Another Day in Paradise

Plants are growing in paradise; one of them nicer, more beautiful and taller than all the other and provoke a disciplinary action. Against all odds has consequences even in paradise.
Directed by Bellopropello (Switzerland)

Untold Thoughts

Elena coming back to tell an injustice story of her murder and she’s finding a boy of her age Nevan who’s moving to the same house that this tragedy had happened.
Directed by Reshan Fernando (France)


Margot and her estranged sister Louise spend a week at their recently deceased mother’s house on an Italian Island. There are mysterious circumstances surrounding Louise being sent away at a very young age, which make it difficult for Margot to remember… Separated by the passing of time and different upbringings the two women unexpectedly find their lives linked back together by the forces and remembrance and forgiveness.
Directed by Nora Jaenicke (Italy)


A young woman awakens in the woods, alone and covered in blood, with no memory of how she got there.
Directed by Timothy Collins (USA)

Meeraas (Inheritance)

A victim of domestic violence could not find the courage to speak out against the abuse. But when the same fate looms in front of her daughter, will she turn a blind eye or will she find the courage she could not find for herself?
Directed by Saurabh Thakur (India)

Irish Goodbye

The story of Nizar, a young closeted-gay, conflicted but devout Muslim refugee from Syria and his night out with a quixotic Irishman, Eric. Along the way, they will confront issues of trust, abandonment, tragedy, and privilege. Eric seeks to seduce and draw Nizar out of his shell while Nizar confronts Eric for being nothing more than an emotional tourist in his life. The consequences of their adventure will haunt Nizar for long after the night is over.
Directed by Adetokumboh M’Cormack (Sierra Leone)


A young woman will do whatever, and whoever, it takes to find the man of her dreams.
Directed by Abiola Ogunbiyi (UK)

God I Need a Girlfriend

From the mind of Stefan Janoski, “God I Need a Girlfriend”, a musical short story, that gives the background to the sculpture of the same name.
Directed by Foster Huntington/Movie Mountain (USA)