Independent Shorts Awards


Politics and family… it’s about running. In “Unstately”, Ring Swisher, incumbent school board member, and his campaign manager, Max DeLai, are faced with their greatest challenge in a dozen years – an opponent.
Directed by Paul Cuoco (USA)


Natalie’s a 40 year old actress still pursuing her dream in Hollywood.
Written by Nicole Stuart (USA)

David’s Here

When a man gets abducted by a crazed Priest and dragged deep into the woods, he soon realises he has become entangled in a sick and twisted nightmare.
Directed by Mark Oxtoby (UK)

Some Bad News

A routine doctor visit turns dire when the doctor reveals some bad news that will force Eduardo to make a very hard decision.
Directed by Alain Alfaro (USA)


Flights over castles, churches, ruins and beautiful places in Bavaria, Germany.
Directed by Paul Hoehenberger (Germany)

Mysterious Skin

The reasons behind the choice of someone becoming a prostitute are various. The most common answer is money, but, as seen in Belle de Jour (Buñuel, 1967), it can be more complex – like a discovery of self-pleasure. However, the director Gregg Araki introduces a darker reason in Mysterious Skin (2004), which sometimes can be hard to watch.

Good Mourning

Ted, a professional mourner is challenged by a young woman, Sandrine, about his line of work.
Directed by Ian Morgan (South Africa)


Camille is an interesting movie that approaches prostitution in a different aspect. When most movies tend to show what this profession consists on, in Camille it shows the impact it has on someone’s psychological.