Independent Shorts Awards

My Dear Friend

F1 and F2 are best friends. But things start deteriorating in the friendship when F2 starts getting distracted by his bright successful future waiting for him on the horizon. In the process, F1 goes through varied emotions as F2 moves further away from him and the friendship. A dangerous emotion takes control of F1 and he starts finding ways to bring this friendship back to equilibrium. To what extent will F1 go to make this happen? Will F2 ever be his dear friend again?
Directed by Kevin Shadrach (India)

Jahan Nostra “Embrace The Rain”

The video follows its lead, Alex Manon, through moments in his life as a homeless teenager in Bed-Stuy (Brooklyn, NY). Manon, who makes his acting debut in the video, brings to life the video’s poignant subject matter.
Directed by Jamil Hannibal Wilson (USA)

Death Mask

“Death Mask” is an art-house, style music video to the music of Dowsabel’s “FLAWED LULLABY #2,” composed & performed by Chris Wells.
Directed by Josh Kaukl (USA)


A man is dead. Five women hated him. One killed him. Now, to hide the body…
Directed by Courtni Saizon (USA)

Some notes on the appropriation of art

In an artist’s work there is always a high chance that people can see influences from other artists.However, sometimes it happens that some people’s work is a copy of another.  This situation raises an ambiguous topic – where is the line drawn between acceptable and non-acceptable appropriation?


“Reaction” is the story of an innocent latchkey girl navigating the busy streets of Los Angeles, California. Traveling alone has certainly caused her to become savvy and sophisticated. However, meeting up with her best friend uncovers her trusting and childlike personality. In the end, her innocence may result in a terrible loss.
Directed by Mma-Syrai Alek (USA)


Daydreams of dancers flood the thoughts of a woman as she says goodbye.
Directed by Josiah Cuneo (USA)

Mohammad And Urvashi

When the path of God fails… the Devil takes over.
The film depicts the inner conflict of a God fearing man who has surrendered himself to his religion and his human side that leads him astray, who he believes is the Devil.
Directed by Vivek Agnihotri (India)

His Good Wife

A short quirky romantic comedy (with a dash of thriller) about a frustrated wife who shares her feelings with her very foolish husband.
Directed by Sage Christian Drake (USA)